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Nutribuddy High-Protein Sculpting Shake

October 16, 2019

Thank you very much to Nutribuddy for gifting me these lovely products. I received a shaker in pink and the High-Protein Sculpting Shake in vanilla flavour.


I have a real love-hate relationship with protein shakes because I find them very hit and miss. Some, no matter how much you shake (or Nutribullet!) them, still taste powdery. Some can have an odd smell. Some really just don't taste nice. I usually end up buying a £1.00 chocolate protein shake from Co-Op because they're cheap and taste good!


I tried this shake with soya milk and unsweetened almond milk in keeping with the vegan nature of Nutribuddy. I felt that it didn't mix with the almond milk particularly well, had that powdery texture and wasn't particularly sweet but with the soya milk, I found it quite tasty and enjoyable so I would definitely recommend drinking it with soya milk if you like a sweet, smooth taste. I haven't tried with cow's milk or water yet, but don't usually enjoy shakes with water anyway. 


The shaker is also really cute, it has a screw top lid and fabric handle. I have such an issue with leaky shakers but this one is great, looks good and holds a good amount of liquid so I've been taking it to the gym also with BCAAs in. 


The ethics behind Nutribuddy are very respectable. Their values lie with natural, healthy ingredients from reputable suppliers sourced with the environment in mind. They are vegan and thus cruelty free. They also bear the planet in mind with their packaging and have eco-friendly business goals. All of which I love. Businesses of today need to be more aware of our planet than any have ever been before and its hugely positive to see a young company grow with natural, eco-friendly values at the heart. Marketing director Ella is just 24 and doing brilliant things.


I'm very impressed with Nutribuddy overall and would recommend the above products for anybody looking for protein supplements to assist with their fitness training. 



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