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Refocus Bands

August 18, 2019

Massive thank you to La Cle for gifting me two Refocus Bands of my choice from their massive range of lovely wristbands!

I chose the following two:


    "REASSURE yourself that you have the strength to conquer anything."

I chose this one as a confidence boost. I'm not a very confident person and naturally seek reassurance all the time; in work, in my personal life, in the way I look.. everything. I love this band for reassuring me that I have everything I need inside of me already to do what I want to do and be who I want to be. I am a powerful young woman and I will do great things.


>> *BAND LINK* <<


    "RELEASE yourself from perfection and focus on the progress."

I chose this one with my career in mind. I'm not very good at settling and always want more. I work in a solicitors and have my heart set on studying through CILEx and qualifying as a lawyer - so becoming a lawyer is my "perfection". I've worked as a legal secretary for 9 months so know that I should be patient and that I can start studying when I have the money.


I know I must also remain grateful for where my life has landed after all the shit that I've been through over the last 2-3 years. This time last year I was jobless and homeless and in previous years I've been unable to leave the house let alone hold down a job - I spent a long time being so deeply afraid of life. So paying for that time now is minor compared to the pain I've suffered. 


>> *BAND LINK* <<



AND besides them being a really lovely, sentimental item they're really fashionable too! I actually haven't taken mine off yet and I'm sure I won't until they're fairly weathered. I love the design as well as the message and would 100% have bought some even if I wasn't gifted these two. 


Check out their range >> here << and if you find any that resonate with you, use the code 'NEWMATE' for a FREE band! 


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