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20 Feb' 19

February 20, 2019


It's been months since I last blogged, and it was certainly a sombre one. I've read it back a few times and it breaks my heart knowing how much pain I was in. I truly felt like all of my attempts to get my life back on track were blocked by hurdles far bigger than me.


**** BUT ****


The Tuesday interview I referred to in that blog post, the one for the job I was so eager to get - I got it! I've now been working as a Legal Secretary/Receptionist in a solicitors for almost 3 months now and I've settled in far better than I ever thought I could in a job. I learn something new everyday and am inspired by everybody around me. I work with all women and they're all so friendly - it's just a really nice, healthy environment to be in and it's amazing the difference it makes, working somewhere where everybody genuinely works together.


I'm an entire world away from the estate agents, where each mistake made me hate myself more and more.


I've also been working really hard on my fitness since the New Year. Somewhere along the lines I managed to gain 7lbs - eeeek! But I've lost about 3lbs in the last three or so weeks and am working hard on my holiday bod (I'm going to Greece in May!). I'm working out around 4-5 times per week including one yoga session and I'm feeling really strong.




I've also started to make a conscious attempt to eat well and I'm doing good so far. I've been using MyFitnessPal to track my calories and my macros lightly. This has made me so much more aware of the calories of different things that I would just eat here and there - note, custard creams are over 60 calories per biscuit!


I've lost my calorie counting a little today, just because I've had a bit of a low day. I was super tired when I got into work and had such a busy day - I'm mostly grateful for busy days because they keep me going and bring home time quicker. But, I just didn't have the energy or motivation to carefully choose what I should eat.


I had Nesquik cereal for breakfast, a banana for my mid-morning snack, two chicken sandwich thins for lunch, a scrumptious shortbread choc-chip cookie for my afternoon snack and then fish cakes and rice for dinner. Reading that back, it wasn't horrendous but I have had 1 or 2 (or 11 or 12) Haribo sweets in bed this evening as well as that cookie I certainly didn't need - oops.


Anyway, I digress.


I'm very grateful for the universe for bringing me to where I am today. I'm trying to channel the law of attraction in all that I do because I truly believe that the universe looked out for me whilst we were house hunting and I was job hunting - it's just all too perfect.


Career wise - I hope to progress onto a legal executive/trainee solicitor role in the future. But, for now I'm comfortable in a secretarial role learning how everything works. I have dipped into all departments (Wills, Probate and LPAs, Family and Litigation and Conveyancing). I mostly enjoy the litigation and least enjoy the Wills etc, but I genuinely find it all very interesting!


Personally - I hope to rid myself of debt in the near future. I should probably do so in the next 3 years but am considering picking up a few hours in another job to boost my income a little. Once I've done that, I hope to start looking for a home to buy (hopefully with my partner) and then get settled once and for all. I love the house we live in now, but obviously it's not ours and there's always that slight worry about marks on the walls or stains on the carpet, like.


Overall - life is good. I'm struggling just a little with my mental health right now. Like I said above, I'm starting to get a little tired but I'm sure it's due to the time of year and the lack of sunlight. But spring is around the corner and hopefully all will be well.

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