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1 July '18 / Returning to Gratitude

July 1, 2018


It's very easy to get caught up in everything that goes on, when you're busy. I haven't journaled here in months. Mostly because I've been caught up in working, which hasn't left me an awful lot of me time. It eventually catches up with me not having any.


This past week has been tough, I've had various troubles with my family and home life which has left me with even more to do, worry about and take up my time - as well as working a 40 hour week, constantly on my feet. I've really got the Sunday blues today. I realise I'm simply not taking the time to take a deep breath, be mindful and most importantly; to be grateful.


Gratitude is where happiness starts, I've no doubt at all. Our inner peace and tranquility stems from gratitude for everything around us and fuels our happiness and contentment.


'A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.'


So, I am returning to gratitude and using this to *hopefully* quiet my mind and anxiety. 


  • I am grateful for my boyfriend. He is always there and supports me in everything that goes wrong or right. I'm so very lucky.

  • I am grateful that my Dad is still with us. Although he's poorly a lot of the time and has given us our fair share of scares, he still fights on each and every day.

  • I am grateful for my fur babies. They keep me company when I'm alone and give the best cuddles.

  • I am grateful for the sunshine (and the Vitamin D I get from it!).

  • I am grateful for my job and the opportunity to earn money for me and my boyfriend. I am also grateful that my anxiety eased enough to allow me to comfortably continue working. Note to self: you may be feeling anxious now but that is because of various reasons, work is okay. 

  • I am grateful that my work is close by.

  • I am grateful to be financially stable.

  • I am grateful for the beautiful county that I live in and all wonderful views around me. 

  • I am grateful to have the time alone with my boyfriend, whilst we have the house to ourselves.

  • I am grateful for my lovely friends; Becca, Liam and Louise who I can always talk to about my mental health. 

  • I am grateful for my physical health. 

  • I am grateful to have another two weekends off, this week and next week. 

  • I am grateful to be able to visit the dentist tomorrow, (although I'm absolutely terrified, you do not want to know when the last time I went to the dentist was.) 

  • I am grateful to have this evening with my boyfriend.

'The struggle ends when gratitude begins.'


What are you grateful for?




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