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Mindset: Mental Health Recovery vs Improving your Life

April 12, 2018


We often say that it's all in the mindset, recovery and improvement of our mental health, and that is something I firmly believe. You have to want to get better to even have a fighting chance at recovery. So when people say it's purely down to chemicals in the mind and nothing else can possibly alter it; that's bullshit. Soz.


I've dealt with both depression & anxiety for probably 6 or 7 years now and one thing I know for sure is that it's really not useful, sitting around and waiting for the chemicals in your brain to sort themselves out. The likelihood of that happening is slim to none and nobody ever got shit done feeling sorry for themselves in bed. Harsh, but I think it's also fair. 


There are certain ways we can increase the chemicals that control our moods, one of the most common being serotonin. This can be increased by taking medications, ensuring you get certain vitamins etc. in your diet (such as Vitamin B6 & B12, 5-HTP),  get outside in the sun (for at least 20 mins), reduce sugar from your diet and so on. 


My saving grace was suddenly deciding to improve my life and not focus so closely on just my mental health. So in simple terms, it was time to stop thinking about being less depressed and think about being more happy. Mindset is everything.  


The first step here was deciding what actually made me happy. So I made a list which included; taking photos, being outside, going for walks, reading, socialising and so on. These were also things I stopped giving myself the pleasure of doing once I felt low or depressed. It's no secret that depression leaves you feeling lazy and energy-less and depriving yourself of the things that give you life only cause your condition to spiral. 


So - once I'd decided to take the reigns from my mental illness I found myself feeling more positive. Rather than letting it control me, I began to control it by giving it less attention. That attention was then used to encourage myself to do the things that make me happy.


For so long I have spent time focusing on recovery rather than just simply enjoying my life, and this switch in my mindset has been truly everything. 


Now I don't claim to be fully recovered or anything - I still have bad days but these are becoming fewer and farther between. I also give some credit for my recovery to returning to work - this has built up my confidence, allowed me to socialise more and also given me more independence - allowing me to start driving lessons again. 


Overall this year has been fairly positive and I thank the Universe for that. For the last two years I've been stuck in a rut and believe this alteration in my mindset along with determination through blood, sweat & tears has helped me profusely. Remember that you are in control of your mind, soul and body even when it seems so far from the truth. Never give up and be bold & brave with your choices. 


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