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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy // Session 3

February 28, 2018

I arrived at this session feeling a little flustered, tired and anxious. I worked a 9 hour shift the day before which definitely took it's toll and for that I suffered through sensory overload. However, my counsellor turned off the light which softened things a little.


I handed in the usual questionnaire which showed an improvement on most things including; depression, anxiety and impact on my life. This has all been surrounding my return to work, which we spoke about. It has been tough and the anticipatory anxiety has definitely been the most difficult to handle but I feel I've pushed through the hardest part of the struggle now - which I'm very proud of.


My counsellor, Anita, then drew me a couple of graphs to represent anxiety in certain situations.



I found these charts very useful to look at, and it gave me a sense of accomplishment for the wall that I've pushed through. 


She then went on to ask me how I wanted the sessions to progress from here, as originally it was about the anxiety. I have asked for help with managing my time at home. Generally I flit from being depressed to being anxious and now that I've pushed through the hardest anxiety I know that somewhere along the line depression may crop up, which would then lead to anxiety and eventually isolation. 


So, I've asked for help with this. I've been given an 'Activity Diary' to fill out. Which is basically a table of this week and everyday has a column and time slots where I must fill in what I was doing at that particular time. Once I've written what I've been doing I must rate this time from 0-10 through achievement, closeness (to others) and enjoyment - and for this I've also chosen to write where I may be feeling anxious also. 


This is to look at my daily life & routine and see if there are any patterns that are causing anxiety and also to see how I'm utilising my time. 


I discussed the Boring Self-Care Challenge which I have used previously to try and improve my daily life and stop depression in it's tracks. Far too often I get absorbed with working and forget to look after myself and my surroundings. Anita has asked to have a look at this chart which I will be taking in for her next week. Who knows, maybe it could help other people too! 


We left it on a positive note as I'm feeling like I know what I need to do from here, but the encouragement and praise was crucial for my day and really turned it around. 


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