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Luxe Health Vitamins

February 21, 2018


Created by Jenny Dixon (a women's health and mental health advocate) in 2017, Luxe Health is a health business dedicated to improving the lives and confidence of women through these supplements, with all natural ingredients (as stated on the website). 


"It is my aim to bring women natural confidence boosting supplements that are healthy and work from the inside out." Jenny Dixon, Owner of Luxe Health


Before we go into depth about these vitamins I first want to just say - how gorgeous are the bottles? I absolutely love the design. The bottles themselves are plastic, but recyclable so are eco-friendly in the right hands. You could always use them yourself afterwards too for storing things like hair pins, earrings, rings and loose change - or anything else that's little and you lose too much!


I chose not to take the 'Skinny Vitamins' which contain a mixture of different vitamins to aid weight loss. You can check the product out here, which costs £18.99 for 60 capsules.


I decided not to as weight loss is not one of my goals, currently. I would however just like to recommend if you choose to take these vitamins that you take them alongside a healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise and a balanced diet. 


Anyway - I HAVE been taking the 'Skin Luxe' vitamins. These come in a bottle of 60x 1000mg capsules and are labeled as a food supplement. I however would not advise, nor does Luxe Health, substituting any part of your diet for these vitamins, they must again accompany a balanced diet. 


Written on the back of the bottle it states these vitamins; are anti-ageing & firming, provide clearer & smoother skin, reduce cellulite and improve circulation. Please note, these vitamins contain fish thus are not Vegan or Vegetarian, click here to find out the full list of ingredients.


I have been taking these for a few weeks now but must admit I am guilty of forgetting to take them every day. I usually take one just after I've eaten my breakfast as I find with all vitamins, they're best taken with food. 


Visibly I can't say if I've noticed any benefits from taking these supplements as of yet, but like I said I have been forgetting to take them every day. However, based on the ingredients including; Vitamins A, C & B5, Biotin (also good for hair and nails!) and Folic Acid I see absolutely no reason why over time these vitamins would not improve your skin's complexion and provide you with healthy, glowing skin. I am pleased with the product overall and will continue to take them and update you on the progress!


These vitamins cost £21.99 per 60 capsules and you can also buy a 'Skin & Weight Loss' bundle to include the 'Skinny Vitamins' for £34.99, saving £5.99!


*Please note, whilst these products were gifted for review purposes all opinions are honest and true.

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