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Darkspots Subscription Box

February 8, 2018

Darkspots is a subscription box inspired by the struggles that mental health can bring. After seeing it pop up multiple times on my Twitter feed I was too intrigued not to grab one. 


I received February's box which included;


Self-Care Fortune Tellers

Dark Spot

Stationery Selection (Pencils & Erasers)

Hug in a Bottle - 10ml Pulse Point Essence from BeauxAroma RRP £6.99

Heart Shaped Plaque

Chocolate Heart Shaped Lolly


My favourites were definitely the 'Hug in a Bottle' which smells SO beautiful (everybody knows I'm a sucker for essential oils) and the Dark Spot itself - which provided me with a message that I really needed and still need at this moment. I'm a firm believer in fate, so thank Darkspots for sending me this message. 


Darkspots is a monthly subscription box that costs £15.00 per month (including delivery) which is a very reasonable price in comparison to many subscription boxes that I have come across, and it delivers at the beginning of each month. 


Self-Care is something I'm really trying to amp up on right now as my work life is starting up again. I often forget about active self-care and think that staying in bed for hours on end will cure my minds struggles. This box is a thoughtful reminder to take care of ourselves with helpful cues along the way. 


It was created by Liam Thompson, a 20 year old advocate for mental health and self-care. Through his own emotional struggles with depression he created this business, have a read of his story here


I think it's an absolutely fantastic product and would recommend anybody struggling with their mental health (or looking for a pick me up!) to get hold of one of these boxes - you are able to grab a one-off box or subscribe!  



*Please note that whilst this product was gifted for review purposes all thoughts and opinions are both honest and my own. 



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