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MyVitaminBox Product Review

February 2, 2018

Just as the winter colds & flus were starting to hit I received this lovely product. With the choice of My Vitality Box (46 high quality nutrients) or My Wellness Box (25 high quality nutrients), I chose to go with My Vitality Box as I knew I'd been slacking with a balanced diet and eating less than I should, so I definitely needed some nutritional goodness. 

I have been taking these vitamins straight after breakfast each day and have slowly started to feel more energised and my immune system has built up.


As Winter is a particularly tough time for me mentally, my body tends to suffer too and usually takes a beating with most illnesses floating around. However these last few weeks I've been pleasantly surprised. Whilst most of my family having been poorly with colds, flu and nasty bugs I only suffered with a bug for a limited amount of time, and got over it very quickly! I think this is largely due to the vitamins that I had been taking.

The Vitamin Boxes are very reasonably priced, £9.99 per month for My Vitality Box and £5.99 for My Wellness Box both including 30 capsules in a commitment free subscription, which you are able to cancel at any time. Both boxes are vegetarian and pure with no sugars, colours or additives. 


The product itself arrived neatly packaged in a small cardboard box and is packaged in a small metal tin, useful for reusing for other things! You could use them for hair pins, hair ties, loose change, mints,'s very handy!


Nutrition wise - these vitamins are everything you need. My Vitality Box comes with a blend of 42 vitamins, minerals and super ingredients for optimum vitality for the major areas of health such as immunity, energy, a demanding lifestyle and sports recovery (as stated by MyVitaminBox). Ingredients that are included are;


Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Biotin & Ginseng - contributing to normal energy production and release;

Vitamin D, Biotin, Niacin, and Zinc - contributing to the maintenance of normal bones, skin, hair and nails;

Zinc, Vitamin C and Spirulina - contributing to the normal function of the immune system;

Magnesium and Calcium - contributing to normal muscle function;

Iron and Milled Linseed - contributing to normal cognitive function;

Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc and Tumeric - contributing to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

As such an affordable but revolutionary product I would absolutely recommend investing! It only takes up 10 seconds of your day, taking a vitamin and it could honestly improve your health and lifestyle greatly.


If you're interested in purchasing a VitaminBox use the discount code 'GEMSGANG' for 20% off for 3 months!


*Please note whilst I was gifted this product for review, all opinions are honest and true. 

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