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Managing Mental Health with ScenicInk

January 30, 2018


I was very kindly gifted the above, personalised piece of artwork from a fellow Cornish lass, Chelsea which I am obsessed with. She has created her small business Scenic Art built on her passion for art and also self-care for her mental health. 


I received this piece of artwork very quickly after my request, which I was super impressed with - you can definitely tell she loves what she does! It was packaged safely & beautifully with tissue paper and a personalised tag.


And of course, the picture itself is super cute and gorgeous! I requested a drawing with mountains, a starry sky and me & my little family in the foreground - and she got it spot on! The service all round was perfect and I'm very happy.


If you're looking for a personalised and lovely gift or something to pop on your wall, I would absolutely recommend getting in touch with Chelsea!

Tell me about your small business, ScenicInk and what inspired you to start this venture?


I first started Scenicink back in 2017 when after not drawing for a year (I broke my drawing hand and it got infected delaying healing time) I decided to really push myself to get creative again, I was so down and mentally drained at that time so  drawing became my therapy.  I started out small, just drawing for myself to keep busy but in the past year i've gained so much interest, love and support from people all over the world that i've decided to go further with it and push it to the next level.


What are your goals and where would you like to take ScenicInk in the future?


This year I'm focusing on branding my drawings and creating a website and a store, where eventually Merch will be available! It's going to take me a while and its going to be ridiculous amounts of hard work but it will be so worth it in the long run. I don't think there could be anything better than drawing and creating for a living while making other people and myself happy.


Other than art, what do you do for mental health self-care?


Beside drawing I am utterly obsessed with keeping a bullet journal, it keeps my mind clear and organised and it's handy for doodles. I find that if I write down one goal a day that I've achieved (eating that day, tidying my desk space, making a friend smile etc) it makes me see that the little things really are just as important as the big things. 


What's your best piece of advice for someone struggling with their mental health?


My best piece of advice would be to keep smiling and keep going - you are important and you've got this.

Find Scenic Ink on Facebook - Scenic Ink Illustration & Instagram - @scenicink.

























*Whilst this item was gifted to me for review, all opinions are honest & true.  



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