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Gemporia Spa Collection: REVIVE Rose Quartz Edition

January 15, 2018

 Today is 'Blue Monday' and according to the ominous they; this is the most depressing Monday of them all. The lovely Gemporia have changed that for me, gifting me this beautiful set to make it a day of self-love and indulgence!


Based on the gemstone Rose Quartz and named 'Revive', this spa collection breathes energy and beauty. Even before I saw what was inside I could smell it - it's an aromatic heaven! Included in the collection is:



- Rose Quartz Bath Essence | 120ml / 4.05 fl oz


- Rose Quartz Body Lotion | 100ml / 3.38 fl oz


- Rose Quartz Shimmer Wash | 120ml / 4.05 fl oz


- Rose Quartz Gemstone Candle | 100% Soy Wax / 160g Wax


- "Do Not Disturb" Lavender Scented Pillow


- Rose Quartz Heart Shaped Genuine Gemstone


Upon opening the box you are greeted with this message:


'Taking time out isn't just a luxury, but an essential part of our wellness. We have developed this luxury bathing ritual set so that you can set some quality time aside to escape, and treat your body, mind and soul. 


Our REVIVAL ritual set has been inspired by Rose Quartz, and it is our intention that you can use the auras of this healing gemstone to review the body and mind.'


As well as healing, rose quartz is famous for it's love related properties - attracting & retaining love and also boasts healing a broken heart. I'm very fond of crystals and particularly rose quartz! (Bit of a softy for pink I think.)


Once opened you are presented with the above 6 products all neatly packed. On first impressions, I was taken in by the deep pink colour of the bath & shower products and also the lovely scent of lavender. Once unwrapped you find these beautiful, frosted glass bottles which just make you want to pop it all on a shelf to look at! But, then you open them to have a quick smell and can't wait to use them! 


After having used each of the products, I must say that I'm very impressed with this spa set and am very interested in getting my hands on the others; Relax - Amethyst and Purify - Green Aventurine. It's everything I love in a gift set, (and I'm even burning the candle right now!) My only hiccup was the dispenser on the shower gel as it's takes a few pushes to get enough out for a wash, but other than that I was very pleased.


The Body Lotion is of good quality and retains it's smell well, the bath essence is delightful and you only need to use a small amount of product in your bath, the lavender pillow smells delicious and the candle is a good size and as lovely as you could imagine. 


If you're looking for a thoughtful present for someone you love (Valentines it's coming up!), or if you're just after a lovely pamper session with some fresh, new products I would 100% recommend purchasing one of these sets.


You can find them by clicking here! 




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