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Apple Watch Series 3

November 16, 2017

SPECS via Apple Site


Built in GPS and GLONASS

Water Resistant up to 50 metres (although doesn't agree with soap apparently so don't wear it in the shower!) 

Heart rate sensor

Siri Speaks

Capacity 8GB

Battery life up to 18 hours

WiFi & Bluetooth

Magnetic Charging

OLED Retina Display with Force Touch


Recently I purchased the Apple Watch Series 3 after pawning for a new fitness watch for a while. I used to have a FitBit Blaze and whilst I LOVED it, it just didn't agree with my skin unfortunately, so I've had to look elsewhere. I purchased this watch for £329 from Currys - so it wasn't particularly cheap but my love for Apple definitely won here. There are credit options available with 'Your Plan' which is a credit company linked to Currys where you pay as little as £16 per month (I think!). 


The first thing to note is how interactive the watch actually is. I have an iPhone so this connects to my phone via Bluetooth. You are able to read texts, answer calls and access tons of apps like Twitter & Instagram through the watch. (You can also turn these notifications off because I'm not gonna' lie - the vibrating does get a liiiiiiittle bit annoying!) 


You can change your clock face and actually have more than one if you wish. You're able to alter the time format and include info/shortcuts on there that you want to see - on my watch I have my heart rate, the day and date, the breathing exercise (I'll talk about this in a minute) and the workout shortcut. You can actually pretty much do what you like with the clock face; add your own picture background, change the colours and all sorts!


On the fitness side of things, this watch does everything you want it to do.


You are able to download third party apps such as Nike+ Run and more. But, the 'Activity' app that comes with the watch is pretty spot on. It's a very motivational app as it gives you three types of daily fitness goals to complete which are minutes of exercise, calories burnt and how often you are stood up. You are able to set up these goals accordingly e.g. 30 minutes of exercise a day, burn 300 calories and stand up for a few minutes each hour for 12 hours (it reminds you to stand up if you haven't after 50 minutes). 


You can also track your exercise much closer with different types of exercise available to choose from with the tracking including; HIIT, Indoor & Outdoor; Walk, Run & Cycle, Elliptical Trainer, Rower, Pool & Open-Water Swimming, Strength Training and Stair-Stepper. You are also given an 'Other' option for anything not included. I do wish they'd included a weight-lifting option, but maybe I'm being picky!


Another motivational feature they've provided with the workout feature is 'achievements' so when you do a different style workout, burn more calories or workout for longer than before, you get a little Pokemon style badge...YES. And, if you have friends with apple watches you can share your achievements etc. with them! 


I probably pay attention to the heart rate monitor more than anything to see improvements on my cardiovascular fitness as it's able to tell you your average resting and walking average heart rate. It also has a great feature that notifies you if your heart rate peaks when you're seemingly still - I actually saw that this feature saved someone's life quite recently. I've had a couple of these notifications whilst I've been dreaming (I think, eek.)!


Another one of my favourite features is the 'Breathe' feature. You can alter it to suit how many breaths you wish the take, the standard is 7, and basically you start it and it takes you through a series of deep breaths with vibrations and an onscreen cue. It's really great for me since I suffer so badly with anxiety at times.


I have to say I am very impressed with this watch and my only gripe with it would be the price as I feel it's just a little bit pricey in comparison to other smart watches. However, if you're looking for a durable and jack-of-all trades smart watch I would definitely recommend purchasing this watch!





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