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Women's Best Supplements & Products

September 30, 2017


I haven't had a great relationship with supplements previously, just because I've never liked the taste of any mostly! I've tried products from USN, CNP, Optimum Nutrition and more. I kind of gave up with trying them for a little while. But, last month I spent a couple of hours searching on the internet for good quality, recommended supplements specifically for women. After a while I came across Women's Best. 


Women's Best have a very broad range of products including protein powders (they have a vegan one too!), protein snacks, oats, BCAAs, glutamine, capsules, superfoods and clothes. They also offer bundles to tailor specifically to your fitness goals.


The first things I noticed about Women's Best are of course, the beautiful branding and more importantly the value for money! When you're looking for supplements the prices range from cheap as chips to may as well take a loan out, so it's hard to know where to begin or what sort of money you should be spending for good quality. 


I purchased all of the above for just £50.94! If you're spending around the £45 mark as I was, it's worth throwing in a couple of snacks to push it over £49 then you get free shipping and some extra goodies too.

It's worth noting that previously I've only ever bought chocolate flavoured protein but as I've never liked it or just found it incredibly sickly I thought I'd (apprehensively) try a different flavour. So who knows, maybe the world of vanilla flavoured shakes is much better than the chocolate flavoured. I chose the all-in-one Vanilla Whey Protein, which is currently on sale from £25 to £17.99 for 500g (15 servings). The pot recommends 2 scoops with 200-300ml of water.


It's fairly strong so I have been using 400ml (a full women's best shaker). I've recently been mixing one scoop with Soya Milk and the taste is really nice! The Soya milk adds plant based protein. I like to have a shake in the morning and also have one as soon as I can, after a workout. 


It's important to include protein in your diet, especially when you're working out for muscle building, as it is very important for the growth and recovery of your muscles. 




Now - I've never tried BCAA's before, but thought I'd give them a go. BCAA stands for Branched-Chain Amino Acids - they're part of the essential amino acids but our body is not capable of producing it so we must have it in our diet. They're great to use for quicker muscle recovery, reduction of fatigue and reduced muscle soreness. Most people drink BCAA's during a workout. 


Women's Best have 6 different flavours of BCAA (all vegan), I chose the Cola & Lime which cost £17.99 for 200g (40 servings). It has a very sweet taste which I've grown to like more and more. You mix this with 400ml of water - the colder the better!


After having a full browse of the website I decided to buy the Protein Creme (£4.99) and Protein Power Cookies (£2.49 per pack or you can buy a box of 12 for £24.99), as a treat and also to get the free shipping! The Protein Creme is essentially a chocolate spread and whilst it's quite tasty it shouldn't be used as a main source of protein as there is 21g per 100g - which is quite a lot.


The cookies come in packs of 2 and contain 23g of protein per pack, which is plenty of protein to be consuming after a workout. I'll be honest I've never really liked protein snacks and didn't enjoy these that much, because they're quite dry as protein snacks tend to be - my boyfriend however quite enjoyed them. 


Overall I was really happy with the products I purchased from Women's Best and intend to re-purchase the products!



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