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Death to Weight Loss Teas

September 7, 2017


I'll start this with a coy confession - I have tried a weight loss tea before. I also didn't read the instructions, took it to work with me one day (when I worked in an office) and left the tea bag in whilst I drank it. If you've tried a fit tea before, you'll know what happens next. I did not continue using it. 


However at the time, I knew just as much about fitness as a new born baby. I spent all day every day sat down behind a desk chowing down on all sorts of junk food - pasties, bacon sandwiches, chocolate, cake. Needless to say, I started putting weight on and I did the same as a lot of girls do - I searched for quick fix weight loss. And there it was, the miracle tea.



The common 'benefits' of these teas include;


- Weight Loss

- Energy

- Boost Metabolism

- Increase Caloric Expenditure

- Cleanse & Detoxify Body


One website even promises to achieve your 'dream figure'. And the most ridiculous thing? There's no proof or research that any of the claims they make are true. Sigh......


Anyway. My point there is that I do get it. There's nothing more enticing than to be able to lose lots of weight in a short space of time, with minimal effort. Especially when you've got all these beautiful, toned women shouting about it on Instagram when they probably haven't even touched it.


The sad truth is - it's just not a long term fix. 


First and foremost, the generic weight loss tea is a laxative. Encouraging your body to rid itself of water weight, thus slowly dehydrating yourself. Along with this you begin to lose the benefits of the vitamins and minerals that you are consuming. So you may think you're losing weight but all you're really doing is going to the toilet more and draining your body of much needed fluid. Your body fat is staying put.


Most teas include a herbal ingredient called 'Senna' which is commonly used for people with constipation and those needing to clear their bowels before medical procedures. If you drink the tea for too long your body may become dependant on this ingredient and you will need it to avoid constipation.


By drinking the teas and encouraging your bowel movements you are slowly depriving your body of the nutrients that it needs to be healthy and in working order. In turn what will happen is your metabolism will slow down once you've stopped drinking the tea. Your body will be so deprived of these nutrients and your body will store anything you consume - hello weight GAIN. 



In all honesty, all 'quick fix' diets are short term. Eating a balanced diet and getting your daily recommended calories is very important.


So, you want to achieve that 'dream figure'? Work for it. Eat right and exercise regularly. I know that it may seem daunting to you, but getting in the gym regularly will benefit you in so many more ways than these teas claim to.


And if you'd like some help getting started - you know where I am! I'm still offering 3 week fitness plans at just £15 with reviews £8 thereafter. Send me an email if you'd like to know more! (




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