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Improve Your Life with Meditation

August 19, 2017

Meditation is a very hard thing to grasp and I'm nowhere near there yet. I find it very, very difficult to clear my mind and find it often wanders, especially in these moments. Like because I know I should be concentrating, my brains like 'nice try!'.


Anyway - a good way to teach yourself to meditate is through guided meditation, this is a form of meditation where you are taken through a step-by-step meditation usually with calming sounds or music and is great for beginners. I have explored it through Spotify, and free apps like Calm & Insight Timer - Meditation App. (Insight Timer is my favourite and I often recommend it to those looking for anxiety relief.)

 I particularly like meditating as it has been a huge help with anxiety. When I'm at home and anxious about going out, it's always good for me to lie down for 20 minutes, stick my headphones in and phase out the world. By focusing on my breathing and in turn each body part, it allows me to come away from my worries & anxiety and ground myself in a very thorough way. 


Of course meditation is great for so much more than just anxiety and it's 100% beneficial for your overall mental health to incorporate it into a regular routine. I'd recommend meditating first thing in the morning for a focused and motivated attitude, and before you sleep as I find this brings me a much better quality of sleep. There are various recordings available that are focused on bedtime meditation which are fab. 


Here are just a few of the other benefits regular meditation can bring to your life;

  • Stress & anxiety relief

  • Improved focus & concentration 

  • Improved mood & psychological wellbeing 

  • Improved awareness

  • Improved quality of relationships

  • Increased self-awareness

As well as the mental benefits studies are now suggesting there are various physical benefits to meditation as well, including an improved immune system and a decrease in pain. 


If you do struggle with anxiety, or just find it very difficult to shut off from the world you should definitely try it. Meditation has the ability to turn my days completely around and can be such a life saver in moments of fear. It's changed many peoples' lives and it could change yours too! 





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