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#MentalMovement / Neal's Yard Remedies: Creating a Beauty Routine For Self-Care

March 7, 2017


When I’m having a depressive episode, the first thing that goes down the drain with me is my hygiene and self-care. Suddenly, brushing my teeth is the equivalent to climbing Mount Everest. Twice. And, showering? Not in a million years.


I have found a huge way of combatting that and pushing through the wall, is by creating a beauty/self-care routine that makes me feel good and that I promise myself to follow.


Even when getting up and out of bed is last on the list of things I want to do; I push myself to get up and begin this self-care routine. By doing so I jump start my self-esteem and positivity and set myself up for a good day.


I wouldn’t be without my beauty products which sculpt my self-care routines leaving me feeling great, inside and out!


Check the full post out and see my fave beauty products here.


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