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BuddyBox: A Hug in a Box

February 11, 2017


I received a Buddy Box from the Blurt Foundation today and it is the. cutest. thing!!!


I absolutely love the idea of subscription boxes. Getting delivered exciting, little goodies to surprise you each month is wonderful. And, hooooow perfect is this one? A mental wellbeing box?! Hallelujah!


This month's box included:

  • t+ Immunitea - 15 bags of super green tea (orange & blueberry flavoured), which is high in Vitamin C, has natural functional herbs and real fruit flavourings.

  • The Make Arcade Sloth Keyring Kit - Make your own sloth keyring. Oh yes!

  • Self-Kindness Squad Mug - A mug with a sloth waving a flag that says 'self kindness squad', need I say more?

  • Self-Kindness Wall Decal - A flag shaped sticker reading 'self kindness squad'. Who doesn't love stickers?

  • Mapology Guide: What's Bugging You? - A powerful 7 step coaching session.

  • Issue 5: Blurt Zine - includes; 3 ways to practice self-kindness, self-compassion wisdom with Kristin Neff and 4 books to help with self-kindness.


The tea is now brewing in my amazing, new mug and the decal is safely stuck with it's new sticker family on the back of my MacBook. Lovely.


This was a gorgeous pick me up to come home to today, and worth every penny. Sold at the reasonable price of £21.50 per month; I find this box of happiness to be very well priced.


If you're looking for something to encourage self love, 'self kindness' and wellbeing on the reg' you should definitely try a BuddyBox.


You can have a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription or dip your toes with a one off buy. Why not?! 

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